Monday, August 29, 2011

Trouble In Tahiti :: Rehearsals :: Day 1

2/3 of our Trio!
Grant and Katherine
getting cutesy!
Wow, what a day! We just completed our first day of rehearsals and this show is going to be magical! After a productive and inspiring "Day 1" we thought it might be interesting to share with our readers a little bit about the rehearsal process in the "World of Opera".

In the "World of Opera", singers are expected to arrive on the first day of rehearsals fully prepared and ready to begin staging. This means you are completely studied, memorized and have sorted out your own dramatic intent on the day you arrive. This is quite different from the "World of Theatre" where actors are encouraged to arrive with an idea of the framework not to the point where the organic process can't take place. When there is music involved things just have to happen differently!

Trouble in Tahiti is a very ensemble driven show and because of this, we are taking time at the beginning of our rehearsal period to make sure that the show is flowing the same for everyone. We need to ensure that we are all breathing in the same energy and that our emotion flows from a very organic speech-like space. Our music director, Kathleen Lohrenz Gable, has arrived equipped to assist in making this happen, by encouraging us to deliver our text in the same dramatic shape in which we would speak them; ensuring that we are not merely singing the right notes, with the right rhythms, at the right time. Basically she is pushing us all to bring our individual and collaborative performances to the next level and to YOU our audience.

We accomplished a lot today! So it's time for some rest as tomorrow begins our first day of staging rehearsals.

Don't forget we open on September 9th! You can get your tickets at!

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