Sunday, August 28, 2011

"STRUT"-ing our stuff! Tahiti Cast Member Grant Wardlow visits the iMambo Studios!

On Friday morning we had a unique opportunity to shoot a STRUT video! Trouble in Tahiti Cast Members Grant Wardlow and Natalie Burdeny headed down to the iMambo studios at 910 Richards Street with a script in hand. We were greeted by Kim Elton, CEO of iMambo and Fringe Executive Director, David Jordan.

While we waited, we got to hear a professional shoot for a local sports-caster and were able to catch up on our hockey news - an interesting update on Sidney Crosby of the Vancouver Canucks. Grant jokingly commented... maybe we should get him to do this for us!

But NO! Grant was a trouper. It took only 3 takes to get it down and the STRUT staff made it super easy! Meanwhile, Natalie managed to snap a couple of shots we thought you might enjoy!

Grant getting some quick tips on how to deliver the STRUT!

The STRUT cameraman making sure Grant looks just right!

Not only did this guy run the camera...
he had one hand running the script for the
teleprompter at the same time! Glad
we came prepared with USB stick in hand!

Grant in action! Perhaps he just found another calling!
At minimum we'd love Grant to STRUT with us again!
As soon as the STRUT video becomes available we'll let you know! Now if only we can get our hands on the blooper reel!

Now for the plug! If you've got a website, you need a STRUT! Go check out the iMambo/STRUT for more information. It's actually quite reasonable and really fun too!

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