Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creative Team :: It started with a photo...

A few months back I was wasting the usual amount of time checking out the newsfeeds on my Facebook account when I stumbled across some really cool promo photos from one of my connections. Much to my surprize, my buddy Vince Hemingson had taken up photography! He was already a talented writer and notorious blogger, so why should I be surprised that he was now delving into the art of photographic imagery? He's obviously creative, right?

The photos I stumbled on were part of a "Fashion Editorial" project for his course at Langara College. When I saw them I knew immediately the Vince was exactly the right person to shoot our promo-photos for Trouble in Tahiti! So I popped off a quick email and much to my surprize he responded almost immediately with a resounding, YES! Thank you Vince!

We booked the shoot the following week and to make it even more special, Vince contacted the very talented stylist Scarlett Ballentyne to help us with the shoot - incidentally she was the stylist for the "Fashion Editorial" so I was pretty chuffed that we scored both of them! The entire process took about 2 hours from make-up to modelling and Vince made it so fun and easy! I think the proof is in the pudding as they say!

I've included a link here to Vince's Fashion Editorial because I think these are amazing shots and you should check them out. You can also visit his website to see all his "Tattoo" images and read a little more about the man behind the camera.

Scarlett also has a great website/blog. Not only is she a great stylist, but she's a top representative for hip jewelry line called Stella and Dot. Need some swag? Scarlett is the lady to call! 

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