Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bernstein - A compulsion to share!

One of the great things about performing a work from a 20th Century composer is all of the little tidbits of information that are available out there on the world wide web. Below are a few clips we thought you would enjoy!

This first clip we stumbled across is from an interview in which Bernstein briefly discusses his "love for people" and "compulsion to share".

It is abundantly clear from the next two clips that Bernstein was committed to sharing and education. He was not only a prolific composer, but a renowned conductor and was committed to sharing his own experiences with young conductors about art, music, and the relationship between the two, along with exploring the relationship of "self" with "the arts", and being one's best possible "self"!

When one considers Bernstein's dedication towards self and the arts it is not hard to consider that the inspiration for Trouble in Tahiti may have been a personal one. While it was rumoured that the troubled young couple was based on Leonard Bernstein himself and his new bride, Felicia Monealegre, there is another, perhaps more plausible, theory that the story is based on the relationship of Bernstein’s own mother and father. Perhaps Bernstein was giving us a personal view into his own life story!

We hope you enjoyed these little clips! Stay tuned for the Lenny Quiz!

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